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IC-6, SJCE-STEP, JSS Technical Institutions,
Mysore-570006, Karnataka, India
Contact Number: +91-821-2414198
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About us

Nivedhana Technologies is involved in the product conceptualization, design and development of software and hardware products. We help the customers to transform their ideas into world class products and solutions. Nivedhana Technologies is headquartered in Mysore.

The Nivedhana Technologies focuses on the Value Added Services (VAS), communication technology, building reliable high transaction switch providing multi utility vending services like airtime, electricity, banking and insurance..., etc. Nivedhana has implemented real time, highly available, scalable telecom applications. The ability to reduce the customer cost and increase their revenue has made Nivedhana to build the long term association with the customer. Nivedhana has implemented various data analytics which has given customer a quality evaluation of their business and performance and to better their business, increasing their average revenue and improving the quality of the service and capacity.

Nivedhana has designed and developed the cost effective thermal printer for the receipt printing application. The mass production of thermal printers is outsourced to manufacturing facility in Mysore, India. The cost effective Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) is designed and developed for GSM SIM’s. The mass production is outsourced to manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. Nivedhana has designed the MTK chipset based low cost mobile phones with SIM tool kit capability, in collaboration with the design house based in Shanghai, China.

Vision statement:

To be the preferred and trusted company for the products, services and initiatives that will enhance the business values of the customers.

Mission Statement:

To understand the customer needs in the best way and work towards customer delight by adopting time to market methodologies and ensuring the successful deliveries. We aggressively leverage on our unique set of assets to provide exceptional value for our shareholders and the clients.